It just felt right.

November 2017: I get this message on Facebook from a student that I used to tutor when I first moved to St. louis. She was going through several transitions with her family and needed help getting to school. I asked how I could help.

The next day:
Her: Can we stay with you until Thanksgiving Break so that we can go to school?
Me: Who is "we?"
Her: Me, my brother and sister.

The squad arrived at our tiny two bedroom apartment and we had an awesome two weeks. The kids were going to school, processing through life with us, and gelling with our newlywed lives.

After Thanksgiving Break: DJ tells us we should pray for the kids in hopes that they would continue going to school, processing, and applying some of the coping skills that we taught them. Prayer led to us deciding to keep them for the remainder of the school year.

God gave us the grace and provision to care for them well. We moved from our tiny apartment to a bigger one in a neighboring area, DJ got a new job, and our church community supported us 100%.

The kids became OUR kids. This was our life. Hard, crazy, and sometimes overwhelming but we accepted it and weirdly LOVED it.

We knew at this moment that we were called to care for kids that didn't have families. #fostercare 

✓STEP 1: The dreadful fostering care training classes that took 9 weeks.

✓STEP 2: Paperwork. Mountains of paperwork.

✓STEP 3: Home Study. People come and sit on your couch, ask you questions, and summarize your lives in 3-5 pages.

Finally, the Browns became licensed foster parents June 18, 2018. 

✓STEP 4: Wait for a kid.

Our kids are no longer with us but are doing well. The hardest part, as we predicted, was letting go, but our faith is being strengthened as we trust in God to care for them for the rest of their days.

We gave them love. They confirmed our purpose.

I can't wait to do it again.


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