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"This foster home is about to be LIT!"

This summer we waited for a placement. We did all the things. Talked to all the people and started to feel like we would never get a placement. On July 16th, we get a call about a 17 year old girl who was having a hard time at her current foster home and needed respite  care for a week. *rolls eyes* We told our licensing worker that we only wanted to take kids that were 2-10 years of age, but I guess they just don't care about our preferences. After DJ and I debated by phone for 10 minutes, we decided to take the respite placement. I immediately come home from my summer part-time dance gig and start to get her bedroom ready. I fluffed the pillows, made a welcome sign, and put fresh towels on the bed. I really wanted to impress this teen. Weird! Fast forward to 4 hours later: Little lady walks in and looks me up and down. In the sassiest raspy voice she belts out "I AIN'T NEVA HAD A FOSTER MAMA THIS YOUNG! THIS FOSTER HOME IS ABOUT TO BE LIT!"  I didn