"This foster home is about to be LIT!"

This summer we waited for a placement. We did all the things. Talked to all the people and started to feel like we would never get a placement.

On July 16th, we get a call about a 17 year old girl who was having a hard time at her current foster home and needed respite  care for a week. *rolls eyes* We told our licensing worker that we only wanted to take kids that were 2-10 years of age, but I guess they just don't care about our preferences.

After DJ and I debated by phone for 10 minutes, we decided to take the respite placement. I immediately come home from my summer part-time dance gig and start to get her bedroom ready. I fluffed the pillows, made a welcome sign, and put fresh towels on the bed. I really wanted to impress this teen. Weird!

Fast forward to 4 hours later:

Little lady walks in and looks me up and down. In the sassiest raspy voice she belts out


I didn't know how to reply. I laughed slightly and texted DJ
"I think this is going to be interesting..." 😳

She stayed for the week and was AWESOME! She really opened up to us about how her life has been since she entered foster care at 4 years old. Something about her openness really impacted us. She became apart of a group of humans that we refer to as "our people." She told us how to advocate for foster kids and encouraged us in our journey.

Our hearts were broken to hear of her pain but we were honored and excited to know her.

Upon her leave she asked for my number and now she texts me that she misses me weekly.
I hope that one day this "foster home" will live up to her expectations of being 'lit.'


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