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You are my son. | I am not your mommy.

Foster care makes you do this crazy dance of raising, supporting, and nurturing a child who you'll grow to love as your own, all the while watching them grieve the loss of having their actual mom. ____ DJ and I got a call about our foster son in August right after school had started. I became the Special Ed Coordinator at a new school that came with new challenges and DJ started a small business and already had a taxing workload. Not to mention we had just crossed 1 full year of marriage. Perfect timing, right?  We didn't have any other kids at the time, so we said "yes" and greeted our not-so-happy to be moving again teenager with open arms. He settled in fine, was/is super quiet, and actually fit quite nicely into our too routine lifestyle.  One of the first interesting conversations with T happened the following Sunday on the way to church. DJ: "When we get to church, people are going to greet you and they might know you are our foster