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Gone Gone

Last Tuesday was a day that we had been dreading for a while. It was the day that Little Buddy, who had been with us almost 6 months, moved away to reunite with his brother and be cared for by a relative. Leading up to his moving day, I had been busy moving into a new house, packing his things away, and even preparing for another (last minute, unexpected) placement. In all the busy-ness, I had no time to fully process that Little Buddy was leaving me, for real for real. I saw my husband take moments to pause and reflect, but I had no time for that. Like any "normal day", I picked Little Buddy up from daycare with a graham cracker snack in hand, played Baby Shark in the car on the way to meet up with my husband at home so that we could load his things in the car. We did those things and welcomed Princess T, our new placement, before the drop off. [Side note: I was super grateful that we got the opportunity to drop him off, see his new home, and say good-bye as opposed