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Diary of A Trash Parent

When DJ and I tell people that we do foster care, they usually smile and with a tone laced with pity say one of the following: "That's so great!" "Such a noble thing to do..." "You guys are so awesome!" "Oh, wow!"  "Really?! You guys are saints!" "Those kids are really blessed to have you all." "I couldn't do that. Good for you guys." And my favorite (not really), "Wow. I could never do that!" BUT, let me tell you how wrong ya'll are! We trash. PERIOD.  I'm not sure why people think that we are some kind of special branch of exceptionally kind people who want to foster and adopt all the children in the world that don't have parents. That ain't us sis. We are regular smegular people who happen to be foster parents.  I'm going to attempt to give you a glimpse of the Real Life of Foster Parenting.  1. I'm tired.  Between this revolving door of kid