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No Red Capes

This is my third time attempting this blog. Let's start with a little background information so that the latter will make sense. In October of 2019, we decided to take a placement of a 2-year-old boy who had various physical and cognitive needs simply because he was the brother of our current [foster] daughter. We are licensed for traditional foster care, because my husband and I both work very demanding jobs. Despite our reservations and uncertainty, we decided to try and see if we could make it work.  - December 2019: Screams of “MAAA-MAAA” fled from the room down the hall. I nudged my husband several times for him to go see what was up with Brother. About 10 seconds later, I hear my husband, DJ, roar “ARGH! There’s sh*t everywhere!” I hesitated but threw my robe on tiptoeing down the hall to see my toddler standing in his crib, hands covered in gooey brown while wearing no diaper. It was probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. That night we debriefed over the even

Mother's Day: One of the most awkward days of the year

*I am not speaking for all foster moms. This is only my perspective.  Tomorrow will be my second Mother's Day. Both years have been spent with foster kiddos and my husband soaking up their sweet celebratory actions. However, I can't help but feel awkward each year when the holiday rolls around. First, I never know how to respond at the grocery store during mother's day weekend when kind people ask before handing you a rose " Are you a mom?" I kind of just shrug my shoulders or if I have children with me, I give a mumbled " yes " before quickly passing. Secondly, I never know what to expect of my children. Last year, I had a toddler in my home and he didn't know much about Mother's Day at all. However, this year its different. One of my children is very aware that she won't be spending Mother's Day with her mom. I am always diligent about making time to make a craft or buy a gift with my children for their mothers to help them to