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- But Not Those kids

  I am thankful that my social media posts and blogging have led to an influx of interest in foster care from my friends and followers. The conversations have been so enriching and the range of families has been so encouraging. #anyonecanfoster However, there are two groups that are often noted as those kids  that people don't want to welcome into their homes: the sexually abused and teenagers.  The crazier part is that all of us, adults, have been teens and many of us have been sexually abused ourselves... though we act as if we have forgotten. This is obviously unfortunate for so many reasons, but I thought I'd share some truth about my experiences and thoughts about children that fall into these categories.  Children who have been sexually abused  Think about a time when someone has wronged you, made you feel inferior, or broke you down. Now imagine being rejected because that was done to you. Crazy, huh? Children in care experience this all the time. Caseworkers call for