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Why I Am Not Accepting New Placements and Don't Feel Guilty About It

  If you've been following our journey, you know that my husband and I took in my former student and her siblings only 5 months after getting married. Shortly after, we got licensed for foster care and have had a revolving door of kids (young and old) that we've been privileged to care for ever since. We've never had more than a week without kids in our home and we have loved being able to serve these babies so so much! It's been a pillar of our lives and a staple in our family.  - During the pandemic, I became more in tune with myself, my body, and my partner. We leaned into our dreams and passions and began to take on hobbies that we didn't have time for previously. My husband became more invested into his business and I applied for an Assistant Principal job that I later accepted :) Controversially, the pandemic made opening our home to more children difficult because our community was limited and there were no options for respite. Our kids had to stay home for d