About Me

I like things to be simple, so I go by A.B. | Two letters that encompass all of me. 


At 25 years old, I abandoned my nomadic plans of traveling the country and settled down with the man of my dreams in St. Louis, MO. He's everything to me! DJ (again, we like to keep it simple) pushes me closer to Christ, makes me laugh, builds me up, and makes sure I eat well lol. I never knew a love like his before outside of Jesus himself. I stand awestruck sometimes like How did I get so lucky?!

I love kids! I have been teaching formally for 4 years, but I have been working officially with adolescents since 2010. My educational focus has been Special Education, and I am passionate about finding the right recipes for students with learning differences. It is changing my life.

I am a new foster mom. Foster care is one of my the most impactful, beautiful, and challenging missions. Ya'll, there are so many kids, HERE, in the U.S. who need a home! Also, black folk, you can do it too! 

When DJ and I were dating, we attended a Sunday service where the pastor said "Based on the how many times the Bible speaks of Jesus' care and concern for the orphans, ALL Christians should at least pray about being a foster or adoptive parent... however, only a few will truly walk in that commandment." We knew that day, we'd someday foster. | What we didn't know is that it would happen after only being married for 4 months.

As of January 2019, DJ and I have fostered 6 kids. Crazy, I know! This blog is dedicated to all of the children who have and will call my house "home."

A few other random things about me: 

  • Dance is in my soul. I dedicated most of my life to infusing dance genres together and still teach a few classes when I can. Zumba is my jam too!
  • I love reading and collecting books! I read memoirs of women that I admire religiously. I am up to 27 children's books with characters that are black or brown that I have found around the city (Shout out to Facebook Marketplace!). 
  • I love to be outside as long as there isn't any rain or snow | It is a wonder how much the sun, greens, and wind refuel our energy. 
  • Oh, and I am OBSESSED with my eyelashes and Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss! lol 
  • I don't have a ton of friends where I live, so I miss my girls back home tremendously. However, I'm trying this new thing where you intentionally befriend people. It's weird, but I'm already doing thinking about trying it.


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